We here at Mr. Mold believe in the safety and health of every human being and we ae committed to ensuring people have equal opportunity to live healthy lives by maintaining a clean-living environment. Nothing is worse than developing a deficiency because of the condition of ones living space. We hope to help educate individuals on the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy environment to ensure that whomever enters the home can breathe easy and rest assured they are in a safe environment. So when we read a stat like the one I am going to share now, it shoots a chill down our spine.

“When exposed to indoor mold, the chances of your child developing asthma, more than doubles” (Falco).

To explain the severity of asthma in children, what asthma is, is a condition in which an individual will have sudden spasms in their lungs making it increasingly difficult for them to breath. This can be life threatening.

Imagine a little girl who wants to be a cheerleader but suffers from frequent asthma attacks and is told for her safety it would be best if she wasn’t on the team. Or a little boy who has always dreamed of playing football but due to his asthma he is advised against it.

Why put our loved ones at risk?

Please refer to the following article to learn more about the link between mold and asthma.

The Increased Chances of developing Asthma When Living with Mold

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