Mold thrives in dark, damp and moist conditions. If you have too much moisture in your home, you could unknowingly be offering a breeding ground to toxic molds that are dangerous to you and your family.

Warning Signs to Look out for in a Moisture Problem:

Mold Spores

macro shot of fuzzy mold in the home

Mold spores are easy to spot. Their colors range from black to green, and their spotty, spherical design is a giveaway. Most spores clump together and grow in colonies, so keep an eye out for groups of these dirty looking dots.

Mold spores are most common in areas of the house that are exposed to the most moisture. In the bathroom, for example, shower steam can lead to a collection of excess moisture on the ceiling. Without proper ventilation in bathroom, the moisture creates an ideal environment for the mold to multiply.

Other areas that tend to see mold are dark, damp storage areas and garages. If you think mold might be collecting in these areas, hire a professional mold removal team to assess the growth and help install proper ventilation to avoid moisture from accumulating in the future.

Musty Air

A musty odor is impossible to overlook. A bit of denial might kick in upon first sense in order to make yourself feel more at ease, but do not ignore that waft of old, musty air entering your nostrils. Musty odors accompany mold and mildew, which both grow in moist environments. The problem might be poorly sealed doors or something more serious, like groundwater making its way inside. Since the mold or mildew is most likely already present, you must call a professional mold team to offer a consultation on the damage, remove the mold and help make necessary repairs and implement future preventative measures.

Indoor Allergies

If you are only sneezing and feeling full in your head indoors, there’s a problem with the air you are breathing. Allergies to mold and dust mites are common, and they’re a clear indicator of needing to hire a professional team to assess the health of your home. Mold can be toxic and cause symptoms much more severe that sneezing and coughing – do not waste any time having this problem eradicated.

Moisture Beads on the Windows

House Window With Damp and moldy window.

Inspect the corners and sidings of your interior windows for moisture beads or foggy overlay. These two appearances of condensation are indicators that the room has too much moisture. If there is too much moisture in the room and not sufficient ventilation, a breeding ground for mold is born.

Water Stains

Water stains on the ceilings are a sure sign of too much moisture being present in your house. Water stains can be caused by a number of reasons and should never be ignored. While they might not mean that mold has begun to grow, they’re a tell-tale that enough moisture is present or gathering to make a comfy home for toxic mold in your home.

Rotting Wood

Do you have wood in your home? If so, ventilation is especially important. Excess moisture will cause wood to rot, depleting its strength and ability to act as structural support in and around your home. Not only does rotting wood tell you that moisture and mold-prone conditions are present at home, but it also has the ability to host a home for nasty bugs like termites, which will cause an even larger problem.

Water in the House

If you ever experience water run-off in the house, you have a moisture problem! The root of the problem is something greater, likely damaged concrete or a byproduct of the land on which your home is constructed. But if water is seeping inside during floods or storms, the aftermath of the water and moisture it leaves behind is too significant to ignore. This type of water damage can host large mold colonies that can pose serious health risks to you and your family.

Is it possible that you have excess moisture in your house, allowing dangerous mold to grow in your home? Hire Mr. Mold to inspect your home for signs of too much moisture and help set up your house against toxic mold.

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