Being involved in our community is one of my top priorities. As a business owner, father, husband and leader, I recognize the need to go above and beyond in serving my community beyond my business. That is why, MR. MOLD is a proud supporter of Healthy Kids Running Series.

The Healthy Kids Running Series was created by Jeff Long, Founder and President of Pattison Sports Group, to provide kids with a positive, educational, and fun experience in the world of running. To combat the increasing rates of child obesity in America, Jeff designed a running program that would motivate kids to be healthy and active and provide a fun environment to improve their self-esteem. Jeff believed the program would encourage kids to adopt a “Get Up and Go” attitude.

In over 20 states, the Healthy Kids Running Series is a movement that brings together the heart of what organizations and businesses must do- partner together to make our community better and to help our children stay healthy.


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