The health implications of hurricanes go far beyond what occurs during the storm.

People who lived after hurricane Katrina and all the flooding and water damages that horrific hurricane caused suffered mightily even after all the water and damages were cleared, and many fear the same for the victims of the most recent hurricanes, Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.

Once water has entered into your home, within 24 hours’ mold can begin to grow and as all us Floridians know, here in South Florida flooding is common but what many don’t realize is the latent damages that are taking place even after the water has been dried up and the hurricane, long gone.

In the following article, the author voices his concern for the victims of hurricane Harvey and cites several examples of people whose houses were standing at the end of several different hurricanes including Katrina and Mathew, but within months were totally overtaken by mold contamination and declared uninhabitable due to health concerns.

Mold causes a number of health issues including respiratory diseases, asthma, allergies, Migraines, and other more serious issues.

Please make sure you are taking the necessary precautions after this storm has taken place to ensure you are returning to a healthy home for you and your family and that there are no hidden damages that can manifest into life threatening issues.…/arc…/2017/08/mold-city/538224/

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