Mold is something we deal with every day in our lives, after all, we live in Florida. But something a lot of people don’t realize is the harmful effects mold an have on a person.

You may be surprised to find out that the headache you’ve had, runny nose or even more severe issues such as sudden short term memory loss may be caused by that common Florida fungus.

Many doctors are now beginning to study the effects of mold on humans including doctor Mary Ackerley. Mold can have effects on the human brain we would never believe such as:

1)Memory Loss


3)Brain Fog

These are illnesses that have been directly linked to mold.

It’s important to stay aware and to realize the harmful effects of mold in our daily lives so we may remain healthy. Don’t allow your previous knowledge of mold and its familiarity in Florida to be the reason you or any of your loved ones suffers any of these symptoms.

It is our mission at Mr. Mold inc. to raise awareness of this issue and to help change people’s lives through the environmental approach.

If you wish to learn more about the harmful effects of mold on your brain please go to the following link of an article written by Dr. Mary Ackerly:

The Harmful Effects of Mold on Our Brains

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