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Mold Cleaning Company in South Florida


South Florida is famous for its great beaches and great weather... and for having high humidity in the air. Unfortunately, this excess moisture is precisely what makes mold so predominant in our homes and buildings.

Houses usually develop mold where there is a moisture problem caused from leaks, spills, floods, humidity and condensation. This excess of moisture, aligned with the right oxygen level, temperature, light and nutrients creates the PERFECT environment for toxic mold in your home.

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Mold Cleaning Company in Miami

MR. MOLD is THE superhero expert to call if you or someone you love has ever been exposed to environmental issues, that have compromised your health by the means of toxic mold contamination.

His level of superpowers against mold will help you vanish toxic mold from your home to give you the peace and tranquility you deserve!

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MR. MOLD is the Leader of "The Environmental Approach"

Leading the Way to Making Sure Your Family is Healthy to the Core

  • Assessment

    Our team of superhero mold experts will assess your situation from a complete environmental approach, which includes noting the physical symptoms of those affected by toxic mold, along with the events that led to toxic mold contamination. We even work with your physician to properly diagnose the ROOT OF THE PROBLEM, and not just the symptoms.

  • Test and Report

    Next, we measure the levels of toxicity in your home with state of the art equipment, focusing in areas most regular companies would miss. Our level of expertise allows us to report the most accurate results in the industry for your health’s sake, along with the most well rounded approach to SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM from the root.

  • Clean Up

    We complete the process of providing you with the healthiest indoor air quality in your home by providing the necessary clean ups, including water restoration, mold remediation and any type of restoration, to completely eliminate toxic mold and airborne contaminants from your home. Quickly and efficiently, MR. MOLD and his team of superhero experts vanish mold from your home!

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The Visual Truth Behind Mold in Your Home

Mold is the "Silent Killer," But MR. MOLD Will Help You Vanish Toxic Mold- Call Us Today!

What Our Amazing Clients Have to Say

Our Customers Trust Our 100% Superhero Guarantee- You Should Too!

"It is my experience with Mr. Mold to be one of the most responsive and responsible companies I have dealt with in Miami in over 20 years. He kept me apprised of every step of the process, the progress, and he was just a pleasure to work with.

With so many shady companies and people lurking just to rip you off in Miami... this is one company and person I firmly believe deserves our business."

Tommy Ruscica- Designer
Tommy Ruscica- Designer Miami, Florida

My family's health is a top priority and having healthy indoor quality could not have been accomplished without MR. MOLD. I am so grateful to have come across someone so caring, honest and with such high level of excellence towards his customers. If you are looking for a trusted mold expert, search no more!

Nobody surpasses his level of professionalism, service and commitment in South Florida.

Shirley Solis, The
Shirley Solis, The "305MOM" Redlands, Florida